FLYING PENGUIN offers premium DevOps and Development
services to clients worldwide. Our focus is on developing
specialized type of high-performance software solutions and
designing and deploying robust infrastructure services in the cloud.

Our general platforms of choice are renowned Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, while we rely on custom solutions for specialist scenarios.

FLYING PENGUIN keeps running on the edge of technology advancements, thus we are actively
researching and experimenting with new ideas in scalability and resilience, advanced rendering
and machine learning
, servicing our own and business needs of our partners.

Coded Infrastructure Management

Based on modern infrastructure as code paradigm, we are providing highly flexible and powerful tools to manage your infrastructural implementations.
DevOps services we provide are tailored to your specific needs, while remaining flexible and robust.
Our experts work hand in hand with your teams to provide precision services so you don't have to.

Complete Deployment Solutions

Focusing on your core business has never been more important to keep team sizes in check and achieve more with less.
We recognize complexity and demands of a modern startup or enterprise alike and can offer you full dedicated DevOps solutions if so needed.


Continuous Integration and Delivery is the path to fully autonomous systems and no-ops reality. Using the power of modern cloud platforms, cutting-edge tools and our own specialist products, we are always aiming to maximize robust and healthy development, staging and production pipelines.

Scalable Performance

Extensively experienced in designing, developing and maintaining software solutions for top tier companies, we're well equipped to (re)design your tools to serve you better, faster and at a lower operational cost.
Having more concurrent clients, smaller downloads and less latency is what ultimately drives profits and we are here to help.

Smart Solutions

Advances in artificial intelligence are at the base of modern software performance.
Computer vision, chat bots or market optimization and prediction tools, whatever part of your product needs more intelligence, we can make it happen.

Advanced Graphics & Rendering

Powertools for your architectural visualizations, extensions to your modeling toolset or shiny new entertainment products, we won't discriminate.
VR and AR or classic console, desktop and mobile products. Unreal Engine and Unity extensions, Maya and Blender plug-ins or a fancy custom tech, we can help you release it.

Integration and operations

Vastly different in nature enterprise and startup solutions production experience is what we used to develop our distinctive processes and organization.
We are ready to provide the very same excellence we rely on to help you build yours or seamlessly integrate third party.

Production Analysis

Running a sub-optimal system can bleed efficiency and we know it by heart. We can analyze and offer optimization for your products, enhancing your activities.
Data is at the core of advanced computing. We're great at harvesting large pools of proprietary or public data sources to offer you results without the inherent complexity of running in-house artificial intelligence.

Human Resources

Highly competitive industry can make it impossible to fill ranks. All our services are based on experience and knowledge of the top industry talent. If your pipeline is overloaded, we might be able to help by selflessly sharing.


Enjoying the trust of our clients and support of our partners, we invite you to contact us and let us see how we can improve your business.